Apna Time Aaega | How Running Touched The Glory

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Cramps, Volini & A lifetime memory

These above lines speak everything including while chasing a marathon distance. Prior to coming in the field of running, the word “Cramp” wasn’t that familiar, the way it is popular today. Each one of us suffered this sweet pain before the finish line. Each cramp has a story; a memory.

A Job, Un-Controlled Weight & Running  

The 9am-6pm job & obesity brings most us amicable with the running regimen. Running came in our life with a reason & today it leads us to a concrete purpose. With the tag of a late riser in the morning to an early morning runner, everything changed with it.
A reason drove us from lazy beds to roads & parks. 5 am alarm clock have witnessed the most amazing decision of our life & firmly put us in a different league. Running triggered us with endurance and stamina. The journey from obesity to fitness; from the erratic schedule to a healthy lifestyle, we are transformed, improved, grown and became better than before. It is crazy to see people hurdling up in the dark morning.

Garmin & Marathon

If Distance is a king than Garmin is the queen of running. Flaunting the stats with highly accurate figures is the new wave in the marathon world. Gadgets have transformed the population a bit more. Today we don’t send the distance in the text, it just replaced with real-time stats & tracking images. Hence Its called “saboot” with authentic numbers. 

An Inspiration in the gully

If anyone asks why you started running & how did you come so far? its simple & precise In every runner’s life a person who produced the spark of medal, bib & a crazy distance. That person ignited the soul & witnessed a series of glory.

A wall filled with medals

A wall filled with bibs

A wall filled with Purpose

A wall filled with Run, Guts & Glory.


Only a coach can relate with. How a PB brings a million dollar smile along with strength.

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