She ranked first at the age of 71 | A grandmum at TATA MUMBAI MARATHON-2019

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#71YearOld | #Rank1 |Tata Mumbai Marathon

The appearance of 71-year-old grandmum Kmoin Wahlang was the showstopper at Tata mumbai marathon . It was undoubtedly voted the best moment of the event.

She completed FM in 4:33:55 & held the #first rank in age category (70-74 year female). Out of 520 female finishers she ranked 89th.

Granny Kmoin , You are an inspiration in Indian running community & your presence have ignited the soul of every individual. Seeing you in running gears was such a delight for the co-runners. We would like to see you everywhere.

Kmoin is a member of running groupRUNmeghalaya. An initiative to promote running in Meghalaya. 


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